An Exquisite Vulnerability published in ‘The Collection: Short Fiction by the Transgender Vanguard’


Envisioning a life of a Trans Celebrity:

“There had been something very pleasing to Allen about his visit to the clinic. Being treated as the common man. In exchange for his number a flat-faced nurse led him to a room and barked questions at him tonelessly. How many sex partners had he had? How many had he barebacked with? Had he ever exchanged sex for money? When asked that, a warm feeling of flattery settled into him. He knew that these were just routine questions from a form, but Allen was enticed by the mere insinuation that even a chubby, middle-aged trans man such as himself could be a hustler—like a vision into an alternate life he could have had. For that reason when he counted out how many sex partners he had, he left out Sarah.

The experience was so thrilling that after he swallowed his handful of antibiotics he went straight back to the bathroom where he had pissed into a cup just moments earlier, and he sucked someone’s dick next to the toilet bowl.

He had promised himself to put an end to his sexual exploits. He was a heterosexual man married to a woman, made famous by a public transition that would make exclusive rights to any baby photos that his union might produce worth six figures at least. He had worked damn hard to keep his transition classy, but this ridiculous hunger for cock was threatening to get in the way of everything. He was investigating selling movie rights. He was solidly booked for speaking engagements and book signing events. His busy life of appointments and appearances had not served to curb his sexual habits, however. On the road and away from L.A., he was free. Once his publicist had gone to sleep explicit goal of trolling for sex

He got varying responses. Many men on the internet looking for FTM’s were hoping for someone prepubescent-looking. young, hairless, and slender, whereas Allen was fat and in the throes of his forties. But then Allen found the bear community. All of the homosexuals he’d grown up around had been loud, well-coifed men who fawned over him, called him honey, but with a cold, disinterested look in their eye all the while. Bears were different. Sweaty and pungent, they served as father figures so unlike his own weak, hippy, republican dad.”

Read the rest of the story and amazing fiction by 28 transgender writers in the new book out now by Topside Press

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